Sunday, 6 November 2011

Beauty tripping

Come lurch with me into various Japanese drugstores!

Which, like their posh department-store counter counterparts, usually had testers for the Holiday collections and even some Spring 2012 collections out. *spoilers ahead?* No swatches unfortunately, or indeed even decent-quality pics...but on the off-chance that among those reading there are freaks like me who enjoy all aspects of beauty-geekery, including drugstore displays...

Esprique Holiday 2011 preview. The pretty little bags are a typical feature -- they pack together the Remake Gel (a targeted spot-primer) with blisterpack samples of the forthcoming lipsticks.
The yellow heart-shaped stickers show what products/shades are used in the ad image.

Close-up of the two quads

The display for those Esprique lipsticks I like so much (the right-hand semicircle is the 'Colour' line, the left is the 'Glow' line). Stickers show shades used in ad again.

And it tells you which shades are the best-selling! *geekgasm*

Another display (Kiss) that uses @cosme rankings and consumer reviews (the Japanese equivalent of makeupalley, but far bigger) as advertising.

Visee + Smacky Glam Holiday 2011 (the purple sticker reads 'Limited Edition')

 Coffret D'Or Spring 2012 preview -- see atouchofblusher for more info. The eyeshadows are your standard meh (...I may still be bitter over the revamp) but the liquid lipsticks are DEEEVINE and my most-anticipated items for next year.

A closer look at the swirly blushes
 Majolica Majorca Holiday 2011 -- some teens grabbed those limited-edition blue Lash Expanders off the display after I took this pic, and naturally they were sold out in every other drugstore I visited *sigh*

Aube Couture Holiday 2011 -- as usual, palettes containing three lip shades and a neutral eyeshadow palette in the same vein as their autumn collection. Four variations, all very work-safe and unabashedly pretty. It's a shame there aren't many blogging fans of this line -- everything is good quality and the layouts are muggle-friendly but I think most beauty addicts would yawn.

 Some of the hot new skincare ingredients include snail

and bee toxin (this seems to be a huge health trend right now)

As far as I know, both of those originated in Korea, as of course did the BB cream makeup bandwagon, which rolls ever-onwards, accruing new jumpers all the while

Whatevs. However, as a Londoner, I'm indignant that Japan gets the cute Rimmel stuff...

And a LilyLolo counter when we plebs have to order online!

Actually, mineral makeup and 'organic' brands seem to have a much bigger presence in Japan than in the UK. Especially brands like Mimo and Zuii. I didn't see any with red lipsticks, so no more deets :P

I did spend a lot of time mesmerised by all the bath salts. Japan is a big bathing culture and as I was deprived of a chance to hit an onsen this time, I pretty much wanted to take all of these home:
(The ones with the malignant chilis on are meant to make you sweat out all your toxins. Not recommended for junk-food fiends, ask me how I know...)

Look ma, I made a moe say ick! :D

Finally, the obligatory snerk-if-you're-twelve pic...

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Holiday 2011 swatch blitz part 1: Addiction, Lunasol, Shu Uemura

Hello my loves! Sorry for the lack of posts/keeping up with comments lately -- frivolity as usual will resume from next week.

However I have managed to sneak some depaato/drugstore visits and swatch-sessions, so here are the first fruits.

Addiction Sleepless Nights Collection (released Nov 11th in Japan, ¥9765)
A cool-toned, smoky, sexy collection that is right up my street :D
I swatched the palette (two complex eyeshadows and a beautiful cool dusty mauve blush) and mini lip gloss (cool sheer pink with lilac iridescence). The set also includes a tiny pot of holographic white glitter, an automatic pencil liner (black with purple and pink sparkles) and a slightly grungy purple nail polish.
artificial light

artificial light + flash

Not sure what's going on with my jaundiced inner arm there, but I hope you can see the differently-sized shimmer particles in the eyeshadows...

Check out the Addiction site for more details and the always-inspiring visuals and vids. 

Lunasol Tender Glow Collection (released Nov 11th in Japan)
I only managed to swatch these items from the limited-edition coffret (¥6825, HK$ tba)
Party Eyes TG quad EX01: the palest and darkest shades in this are split triple pans like the 3-D Eyes. I swatched all the shades together but you can definitely get a less sparkly effect.
Cream Cheeks EX04 (bright neutral pink, micro-shimmer)
Full Glamour Gloss N EX19 (no shimmer, palest milky pink)
The set also includes a mini Skin Contrast Face Powder (01 Glow) and an adorable furry pouch which I spent a goodly amount of time feeling up.

natural light

full sun

Lunasol's Japanese site has information about the rest of the holiday collection.

Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai Collection palettes (already out, ¥7140 or HK$495 each)
Each palette contains 4 eyeshadows, a cream blush and a powder highlighter (which you probably can't see too well. I iz pasty, sorry.)

Drowning in Flame
natural light

full sun

Burning in Water
natural light

natural light+flash (sun stopped cooperating)

As you can see, the three non-glitter eyeshadows in Burning in Water are rather more shimmery than Drowning in Flames (which features three satins). In any case, I found the textures of all the shades in both palettes to be harder than Shu Uemura singles -- all swatches are two heavy swipes.
The legendary Karla has swatched the rest of the collection here.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Shu Uemura eyeshadow swatches part 3: neutrals

This completes my swatches of all the permanent Shu Uemura Colour Atelier eyeshadows. Please see part 1 for ingredients, prices and swatches of the 100's-300's. Part 2 shows the 400's and 500's (green/olive), 600's (blue) and 700's (purple/plum).

natural light
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow IR811 IR 811, P812 P 812, M813 M 813, P822 P 822, ME825 ME 825, P832 P 832, M851 M 851, ME856 ME 856, P861 P 861, ME862 ME 862

artificial light + flash
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow IR811 IR 811, P812 P 812, M813 M 813, P822 P 822, ME825 ME 825, P832 P 832, M851 M 851, ME856 ME 856, P861 P 861, ME862 ME 862
IR Light Beige 811 iridescent white gold
P Light Beige 812 pale lemon yellow satin
M Light Beige 813 matte ivory
P Light Beige 822 peach satin with cool gold micro shimmer
ME Light Beige 825 smooth metallic warm rose gold
P Soft Beige 832 warm copper-brown satin
M Soft Brown 851 matte yellow-based brown
ME Medium Brown 856 smooth metallic neutral taupe
P Dark Brown 861 yellow-based brown satin with golden sheen
ME Medium Brown 862 warm metallic bronze 

natural light
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow M863 M 863, P875 P 875, ME885 ME 885, M895 M 895, G Gold, G Silver, G Bronze, G White Gold, G White Rainbow

natural light, full yellow sun
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow M863 M 863, P875 P 875, ME885 ME 885, M895 M 895, G Gold, G Silver, G Bronze, G White Gold, G White RainbowM Medium Brown 863 demi-matte warm yellow-based brown (darker and warmer than 851, with more of a sheen)
P Medium Brown 875 neutral dark brown with red and bronze shimmer
ME Medium Brown 885 smooth metallic red-based brown
M Dark Brown 895 demi-matte neutral blackened brown
G Gold neutral gold glitter shot through with lime and peach
G Silver various shades of grey-through-platinum glitter
G Bronze neutral bronze glitter shot through with red and gold
G White Gold cool gold glitter shot through with pink and silver glitter
G White Rainbow white holographic glitter

natural light
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow ME906 ME 906, M907 M 907, P910 P 910, IR911 IR 911, ME935 ME 935, IR985 IR 985, M991 M 991, P995 P 995, ME996 ME 996, P997 P 997
artificial light + flash
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow ME906 ME 906, M907 M 907, P910 P 910, IR911 IR 911, ME935 ME 935
swatch Shu Uemura eyeshadow IR985 IR 985, M991 M 991, P995 P 995, ME996 ME 996, P997 P 997
ME White 906 sparkly white with slight holographic effect
M White 907 smooth matte white
P White 910 off-white satin
IR White 911 ivory satin with yellow sheen
ME Light Silver 935 light silver-grey sheen
IR Black 985 dark neutral metallic taupe
M Black 990 demi-matte cool blackened brown
M Black 991 matte yellow-based brown-black
P Black 995 matte warm black with sparse silver shimmer
ME Black 996 smooth metallic cool dark brown
P Black 997 blackened brown satin with cool gold and bronze shimmer

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday free association

The contents of this post have been rattling around my head for a while...originally they were going to form a Monday Miscellany, then Tuesday/Thursday Traipsings, then Wednesday Wamblings (yeah, dodged a bullet there). As they're semi-fermented by now I'm just going to spew them forth today because I suspect Saturday/Sunday will mainly alliterate with sleep.
And flying to Japan :D But you can't hate me because, well, just look at the cesspool that is my brain!

oh brave new world that has such...creatures in it

composed of:

You would think I'd become acclimatised to drugstore random but some things become even more bemusing at a closer glance.
duck/frog-pout maker 

honesty in advertising: she looks genuinely pained!

I'll stick with my virgin's-blood baths and leeches, thanks

Remember those L'Oreal One-Sweep eyeshadow palettes? Canmake's version dispenses even with the hoof applicator. Hey, fingers were good enough for your neolithic forebears...

Korean brand Tony Moly valiantly resists this minimalist-packaging trend:
And of course, these lipbalm/glosses retailing at HK$88 for 7ml each. Which I've now swatched upon request :)

Strawberry, Plum, Mangosteen, Peach, Pomegranate, Cherry, Apple (all seven are scented in a very sweet candied version of their names). Plum, Peach and Apple are very sheer jellied bases with shimmer (fuchsia, pink-and-lilac and pinky red respectively). All of these swatches took around 3-4  swipes.

All things considered, I think my drugstore hauling has been fairly restrained.
fancy sunscreen

blinged-out sponge applicators for swatching and falsies-applicator

various moisturising, depuffing etc. eye masks from Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese brands

hand and foot sheet masks, and more konjac sponges for face and body

(although I found it hard to resist this whole display of scrubbies *high-pitched squeals*)

more face masks. We'll see how the firming ones work on my new double chin...

Speaking of which, more food pics, anyone?
yet another froyo place
where I may already have a 'usual': matcha-flavoured and tart Hokkaido yoghurt with oreo crumbs and blueberries OR sweet adzuki

And for a change, an ice cream parlour, again using milk from Hokkaido (the next edition of Terry Pratchett's Where's My Cow? should just consist of one page with the word 'Hokkaido' on it...)
They have many flavours but I began with *Purple* Taro (as advertised), Hokkaido Milk (the ice-cream version of Werther's Originals) and Guava (so light and refreshing, almost sorbet-like).

Some recent fusion-pastries-OTD
adzuki mochi danish

Earl Grey, caramel, apple and edible gold layer cake

matcha, chocolate, orange and vanilla cake

Worry not, I'm supplementing my diet with salty snacks too
pizza, roast-chicken, roast-squid and sugar-snap-pea crisps

an abomination known as Korean Volcano Bread -- brioche with kimchi and mushroom filling

you can even have rock salt and cheesy foam in your tea/coffee (this is surprisingly delicious)
(that shop is called Happy Lemon, a Taiwanese chain which sells delicious bubble tea

Another coffee shop from which I have now been banned is called Cowboy SeVen. But maybe other filthy minds can work out why my hysterically giggling-and-pointing self was asked to leave.
My first view of the display board:

Well this IS the continent of various placenta goods. And I had been primed by other shops, like

and this popular bedding and sleep-wear chain

and of course

My customary expression resembles this barstool
Night-night, any lovelies who made it this far :) Rest up your scrolling hands and sleep tight :*