Monday, 2 January 2012

RMS Beauty Swatches

RMSBeauty is one of those slightly oddball brands I first read of on Londonmakeupgirl. As Grace writes, these organic, raw (no ingredients heated above body temperature), emollient products are a boon for sick days, lazy days and bitter wintry days, whenever they should strike.

As winter deepens, I reach for these more and more -- my skin is prone to eczema and despite assiduous (well, ...ish) care can still sometimes get chapped, flaky or even cracked from the cold and central heating. These RMS creams are actively moisturising (rather than simply not-drying) and feel comfortable to wear even when my skin is at its sulkiest. As this is usually also when I particularly need the pleasure and consolation of the ritual of playing with pigment to start the day, my small RMS collection has joined the likes of alphabetti, the Ankh-Morpork Watch, Cold Comfort Farm, Diana Wynne Jones, hot Ribena, pikelets, The Princess Bride, The Thin Man and fat Victorian novels as comfort-blanket essentials.

My Collection

Paper swatches, natural light

Natural light

Natural light with flash

Even my poor photography skills captured the creaminess of these pigments. <3 Please note that they never 'set' even on my very dry skin, which I personally love, but beware if you've very oily skin or are precious about makeup looking 'perfect' rather than sometimes undone and, well, organic.

Now onto the beef I have with Ms Swift -- the shade range. I think RMSBeauty has many affinities with Ellis Faas, including the whole 'human colours' thing (er... that'd be brown tones in everything then?) which I find beautiful in conception and bloody difficult to wear in practice. Although in fairness, RMS tries to avoid synthetic dyes, which may be a factor; my favourite shade, Smile, is the only one that currently contains a synthetic colour.

In particular, 'un' cover-up, the only concealer I'd even contemplate wearing over sore or irritated skin, comes in a whopping three shades, all of which are distinctly yellow-toned. You can see that the palest shade (11) is too yellow and a bit too dark for me, even as an undereye concealer; once sheered out so that the mismatch is less obvious, the coverage it offers becomes just nominal. I'm currently praying for a white mixer in the same rich, blendable formula.

RMSBeauty is stocked at Content, Cultbeauty and Dollyleo. I am not affiliated with any of these companies but have ordered from all three with no problems. Content at least also has an RMS display in the shop, so if you're in the area, you can try before you buy.


  1. Oddball brands are my favourite ;) RMS does seem to favour the same broken, non-primary colours that Ellis Faas does. There are meant to be some more Cream Eyeshadows soon, and I am hoping for some cooler shades.

    I'd like to see a wider range of colours in the un-cover up too, as it is a great texture. They have introduced a deeper shade in the line, so fingers crossed for a paler one too.

  2. Excellent news! I do hope this brand (like Ellis Faas) expands and succeeds and wish it well (more oddness, but there you go...)

  3. Thanks for this post! I've been really curious about RMS but have never seen the products in person or been able to test them myself. This gives me a better idea of their color and finish!

  4. I think you have got accurate swatches of the colours! I love Modest and Rapture (the two colours I have). How do you like them? They are indeed very creamy which I love and I agree with their similarity in colour concept to Ellis Faas.