Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stash Swatch: Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyes Part 2

Now for my less-complete collections of RBR cream eyeshadows, loose pigments and pencil liners, neatly composed of three of each.

I've also owned and loved their Quartz liquid liner/eyeshadow in Tiger Eye Essence (blackened old gold shimmer) but at £27 for a dainty pot I blazed through in about three months (admittedly used profligately, Liz-Taylor-Cleopatraly even...) they proved too rich for my blood. Perhaps if you were an occasional liquid liner wearer after something unusual and of RBR's usual stellar quality...

Pencil Liners
These come in two formulas, the sharpenable pencil Eye Kohls and automatic twist-up (but not back down) Long-Lasting Eye Pencils. Both formulas are extremely creamy (so that they apply with no tugging and blend smoothly for use as cream bases even on my dry eyelids) and offer exceptionally long wear once set; the Long-Lasting Eye Pencils are on par with KATE gel liner, the Eye Kohls are only slightly less impressive, and last longer than any other pencil formula on my allergy-ridden, contact-wearing waterline. The operative difference is that the kohls are waterline-safe and the automatics are not.

Swatches, from left to right:
Long-Lasting Eye Pencil Calypso inky black with cool blue and white shimmer
Long-Lasting Eye Pencil Lola rich but cool(!) brown with brighter copper shimmer
Eye Kohl Vera smooth metallic iris on a blackened base

Paper swatches, flash

Arm swatches, natural light

Arm swatches, flash
The natural light swatches are most true-to-life -- the shimmer in these usually read as a subtle sheen (the ultimate work-appropriate neutrals-with-a-kick).

Unlike every other species of loose pigment in my experience (MAC pigments, Barry M Dazzle Dusts, Fyrinnae shadows, MUFE Diamond Dust, Bare Escentuals and other mineral brands), these paradoxically creamy, finely-milled loose shadows apply and stay all day on the lids without any kind of base or special technique. Even with my dry skin, I experience no fallout from these applied onto a bare lid.

As many other reviewers have mentioned, you should probably disregard the word 'glitter' as well as the word 'loose' in the title... these are ultra-refined shimmers on skin, less sparkly than some of RBR's pressed shadows.

Swatches from left to right:
Caress of Mink cool taupe base with warm copper and burgundy shimmer
Night-Wind Sailing cool steel grey base slightly warmed by silver and pink shimmer
Wishing for Wings neutral silver-mauve-taupe

Arm swatches, natural light (most colour-accurate)

Arm swatches, flash (showing how complex they can look)

Cream Eyeshadows
are a fairly substantial sub-addiction of mine; as with red lipsticks, violet perfumes, or pale foundations, a new formula usually ends up on my arm before the end of release week.

It's been a year since RBR came out with their Silk Aether creams, packaged with fuzzy doefoot applicators in airtight black plastic tubes. Having tried all the shades and finished two tubes since, they remain absolutely unique in my experience -- weightless, blendable satin-mattes with the subtlest microshimmer that works, oddly, to refract light away from imperfections rather than attract attention.

Swatches from left to right:
Batiste Grayling neutral mid-tone grey satin, gets warmer with more layers
Velvet Fritillary muted grey-khaki, gets warmer and more yellow/green with more layers
Atlas Swallowtail rosy taupe, gets cooler and more pewter with more layers

Paper swatches, flash

Sheer swatch, natural light

Heavier swatch, flash

I no longer own Chiffon Ringlet (rich copper-mauve brown) as it was too dark for a lid shade and I prefer my liners glossier and more pigmented in one swipe. I finished my tube of Brocade Skipper (neutral yellow-beige) as it was excellent for evening out any redness on my eyelids; however, that shade was not unique enough to repurchase, unlike Atlas Swallowtail -- its pewter flash is more evident on my eyes than my arm and it's one of the few neutrals I find complex enough to wear alone as a wash with some liner.

The three shades I've kept are all on the murky side, and work better as crease shades for me, so  it's especially nice that these layer flawlessly over powder eyeshadows as well as under them.


  1. Great swatches. You make me lem for RBR products! Loved this post!

  2. wow, thank you for the explanation. I would normally skip the loose eyeshadow based on the omnious words of 'glitter' and 'loose', but I can see they are too pretty and flattering to pass

  3. Gorgeous shades <3 Love all RBR products that i have!!!
    Nice blog honey <3

  4. I own Chiffon Ringlet but don't give it much love. I should try it again and decide what to do.

  5. Stunning colours! Thank you for thw swatches!

  6. Thanks so much for commenting, guys :D I'm really enjoying sharing these with you -- lots more fun than waving a sparkly wrist under a confused muggle's nose.

    Birkie: I think you would love Wishing for Wings in particular. So delicate and versatile!

    Musing: *shields eyes* I know you'll make me want it all over again

  7. the liners are calling my name :O I wonder if I can pull of the grey cream e/s *pats grey on lid* AND the pigments, do you think they are fool proof? I am really not good at applying loose pigments *blushes*

  8. Lovely swatches! I have Calypso and Lola in the twist-up, though I discovered that my Stila Lionfish is a dupe for Lola. Whoops. Calypso is such a fun change from a boring black liner!

  9. Claire: yes yes yes on the grey -- so versatile! And yes on the pigments too. They aren't even loose in practice -- once you pull out the applicator you can dip your brush on that just like a pressed e/s. :)

    Julia: we do like the same things! :D

    Red lips: DO EET. ELLE20. DO EET. Raw Silence is a killer red.

  10. I knew I can count on you :) thanks! my next zuneta order will be NOMS! I hope I can do wonders with teh pretties like you :*