Thursday, 19 January 2012

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick stash swatch

As I may have mentioned once or twice, this is my (a profligate fly-by-night lipstick-ho's) favourite lipstick formula ever. Because:
  1. Intense pigment. I tried and failed to make sheer swatches for reference; the lightest swipe deposits pure, full-coverage colour.
  2. The most moisturising formula I have ever tried (i.e. they actively boots moisture in my very dry lips, rather than just not drying them out further) -- I can skip balm under these on all but the coldest of winter days, and wear them even on chapped, cracked skin.
  3. But not too much slip. For me, the ultra-creamy YSL Rouge Volupté formula just results in mess and migration. It would feel faintly blasphemous (okay, not really. I'm just lazy.) to use a dry lipliner base under these luscious Suqqus so I'm glad they have enough traction? heft? to stay neatly on the lips without it. (Seriously, I've found Rouge Volupté smears on my earlobe. Possibly because the scent makes me flail wildly in 'get it off me!' frenzy...)
  4. Scent- and taste-free. Not unscented because that usually means crayony and vaguely bitter-oily and gross, these really don't taste/smell of anything.
  5. Flattering finish. Just because something is emollient doesn't mean that it will necessarily look good on dry lips. Even the paler/milkier and darker/brighter shades in this line do a great job of smoothing out my vertical lip lines. (Pretty Jess' too.) The fact that all eighteen shades are creams, with no hint of any microshimmer anywhere, also helps.
  6. All this talk about moisture and creaminess might lead you to think they are heavy balms like Chantecaille Lip Chics or buttery creams like Rouge Bunny Rouge Colourbursts, but once applied, the Suqqus feel weightless. This alchemy starts as soon as you pick up some colour from the bullet, when the creamy solid changes into the consistency of very thin single cream; once 'set' on the lips, they are like water.
  7. Good wear. Vanishingly few long-wearing formulas work for my picky lips; I'd rather have lips that look nice and plump even if the colour has gone after a few hours than lips that stay coloured all day and look dry and cracked (which is what Rouge D'Armanis, MAC mattes and Illamasqua lipsticks do). The Suqqu lipsticks apply as very slightly glossy creams. After two hours the glossiness fades to a soft sheen but the colour stays true, and after five hours the colour will usually fade leaving moisturised, evenly-stained lips -- no outer ring of death or leprous mottling. They won't stand up to a meal, but I always reapply my lipcolour afterwards anyway.
Now the negatives. Niggles really:
  1. I need a lipbrush to apply the bolder shades. Not a big deal as I always prefer a lipbrush anyway, but it's not optional with the brighter shades in this extremely silky formula.
  2. The severe shortage of bolder shades. I know, I know, it's not really Suqqu's métier but really, I wouldn't complain about six browny roses if there was just one measly fuchsia or eye-searingly bright coral-pink... how am I to build an entirely Suqqu lip wardrobe, PTB?
Everyone who read this far gets a cookie. And pictures.

My stash
Suqqu creamy glow lipstick 1 saebana 2 kyoganoko 6 umegasumi 12 hiwada 18 karakurenai
Suqqu creamy glow lipstick 1 saebana 2 kyoganoko 6 umegasumi 12 hiwada 18 karakurenai
1 Saebana // 2 Kyoganoko // 6 Umegasumi //12 Hiwada //18 Karakurenai

Arm swatches, natural light
swatch Suqqu creamy glow lipstick 1 saebana 2 kyoganoko 6 umegasumi 12 hiwada 18 karakurenai

1 Saebana
swatch Suqqu creamy glow lipstick lip lipswatch 1 saebana

2 Kyoganoko
swatch Suqqu creamy glow lipstick lip lipswatch 2 kyoganoko

6 Umegasumi
swatch Suqqu creamy glow lipstick lip lipswatch 6 umegasumi

12 Hiwada
swatch Suqqu creamy glow lipstick lip lipswatch 12 hiwada

18 Karakurenai
swatch Suqqu creamy glow lipstick lip lipswatch 18 karakurenai

Over the next few weeks (sun allowing) I'll be comparing these to older shades from Suqqu and to the lipsticks I own from other brands, to give a better idea of where they lie on the shade-map.


  1. Darn it should've gotten 2 as well! Is 12 sheerer than the others you have? My lips are so pigmented that it might distort the lovely shade.

    Very helpful post as per usual!

  2. Wohoo... You got a lovely SUQQU Creamy Glow collection! I'm really glad to hear you love everything abot them!

    Now I thank you for the great swatches and mentioning me here! Also wanted to say that I think you have vety cute lips (hopefully this didn't sound weird, haha...). You made me wanna get 02 now! :)

    I have yet to take photos and swatches of the two shades that I added to my collection.

  3. karakurenai will be mine soon :D 1 and 2 are calling my name and hiwada looks like a perfect not-dead-bimbo nude :D thanks for swatches and the detailed details :] :*

  4. You are my lippie lemming creator! I love creamy shiny lipsticks. So beautiful! I may be hitting you up one day for a Suqqu purchase guide! lol

  5. *drools* these look awesome!!!

    I really like Saebana and Kyoganoko!

  6. I Just LOVE Suqqu Lipsticks! Can't get enough! You look gorgeous in every shade!

  7. These look so good, I must give them a try, I love lipsticks!

  8. oh dear, I really want 6 Umegasumi now

  9. Charisse, 12 is paler and much peachier than my natural lip colour too so I think it's just as opaque. My lips make all these shades pull a little cooler and pinker.

    Jess, it makes me feel better about perving on YOUR pretty lips lol

  10. Beautiful swatches, but your lips seemed to desaturate all the pigment from Kyoganoko, so you must have lots of natural pigment. I know what you mean about wanting more pigmented/bright colors. I can't pull off the light pink looks and nude lips are not a good idea for me.

    I think Karakurenai needs to be mine. It looks like a pink red ... I don't see any orange in it.

  11. Zuzu: my lips are pigmented, cool and mauvey-pink so that's how most shades skew on me.

    Karakurenai is a true bright red on me (the slight pink is my natural lips I think), it's less pink than the older Suqqu Karakurenai in the Creamy range (white tubes) which just looked straight-up fuchsia on me. :)

  12. Am venturing into these amazing Suqqu lipsticks now, and not only are they as luscious and lip-pillowing as described by all who try them, but in researching them, they are responsible for my discovering your wonderful blog. I love your writing and your attention to the important minutiae of lipstick specs in this post.

  13. how does 18 look so cherry red and sheer on you when it looks warm and drab and old lady-ish on me?!?? :(