Monday, 20 February 2012

Ellis Faas Paper Swatches: Lip and Cheek

Ellis Faas is a Dutch makeup artist whose line consists of instantly iconic silver bullets*, housing liquid pigments for face, lips and eyes.

The colour makeup consists of shades "that by nature exist in every human body," which seems to entail a great deal of warmth and brownish tones; I very much appreciate the aesthetic but personally find many of these shades tricky to wear. Hopefully these swatches will help save those of you without access to a counter some of the costly mistakes I made. (Of course, three years after blind-buying all of my Ellis Faas online, I now have about five counters within strolling distance...)

All pictures are taken in natural light without flash, click to enlarge.

Creamy Lips (£22 each) are incredibly pigmented lipstick-stain hybrids. They are unfortunately too drying and unforgivingly matte for my gnarly lips, but they are deeply fabulous flagship-type products, so I'll just envy those of you who can wear them. (And can work the 'showerhead' applicator of doom.)
Ellis Faas creamy lips swatch L101 Ellis red, L102, L103, L104, L105, L106, L107, L108, L109, 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109
(Sorry these are all kinds of uneven -- I find the amount dispensed by the sponges hard to control.)
L101 Ellis Red: neutral blood red
L102: cool vampy violet-red
L103: warm coral-red
L104: cool fuchsia
L105: warm chestnut with a hint of peach
L106: warm browned rose
L107: warm yellow-brown
L108: warm peachy beige
L109: warm yellow-beige

Milky Lips (£22 each) are the most like a traditional lipstick, albeit in liquid form -- and thankfully with a more conventional brush applicator (Lipstick Queen 15 minutes, Stila Lip Glazes, etc.) which works perfectly. This formula performs exactly like a very good lipstick on me: pigmented, setting to a satin finish, long-lasting and fading evenly to a soft stain. Don't be scared off by the 'liquid' aspect -- the Milky lips have far less slip and shine than Chanel Laques or Beaute Weightless Lip Cremes.
Ellis Faas lip swatch milky lips L201 Ellis Red, L202, L203 L204 L205 L206 L207 L208 L209, 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209
L201 Ellis Red: bright neutral-warm red (warmer than Chanel Dragon)
L202 slightly muted brick red
L203 warm burgundy with a browned base
L204 bright tangerine
L205 light soft peach
L206 medium warm rosy brown
L207 warm muted coral rose
L208 browned coral
L209 medium yellow-beige

Glazed Lips (£22 each) are my favourite gloss formula: again, pigmented (I very rarely layer lip products, and need things that can work on their own) but with a flattering jelly finish that disguises lip lines, absolutely unsticky light balm texture, a moderate and controllable amount of sheeniness. They last well on my lips (requiring a touch up after a meal) and keep my lips comfortably plumped and moisturised even in winter. And the most wearable shade-range for me paired with easy brush applicators. :D
Ellis Faas lip swatches glazed lips L301 Ellis Red L302 L303 L304 L305 L306 L307 L308 L309, 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309
L301 Ellis Red: bright orange-red
L302: deep cool taupe with the slight hint of plum
L303: clear neutral raspberry rose
L304: bright apricot
L305: rich saffron
L306: bright watermelon
L307: clear coral
L308: warm rose gold
L309 (not swatched) is clear.

Ellis Faas also make four shades of liquid Blush (£21 each), with a return to the showerhead sponge applicators. All four come in light gel/cream-to-powder finishes and are warmed by copious amounts of gold microshimmer (far beyond my personal tolerance level).
Ellis Faas blush swatch S301 S302 S303 S304

angled, in direct sunlight
Ellis Faas blush swatch S301 S302 S303 S304
S301: soft peachy beige
S302: warm coral pink
S303: rich bronze
S304: muted russet 

All of these products are scent/taste-free.

*Empty bullets can be recycled by returning to an Ellis Faas counter or posting to the addresses on their website -- proceeds will ultimately go to benefit the War Child charity.


  1. Nice swatches! I definitely want to give the Creamy Lips a try. :)

  2. I have the Glazed Lips L306 and L307 and the Blush in S304 - I love Ellis Faas!

  3. Thank you so much for these swatches. Have been thinking of picking some of these products up!

  4. Excellent swatches. What a nice collection you have, and all in numerical order! :^) I have only L101, 102, L201, 203, 207, L301, L303, L309, all four blushes, and about 8 eyeshadows.

    Without question, L101, L102, L201, and L303 are my absolute favorite lip colors. I don't care for any of the blushes, only because they are too warm. I'd die for a nice clear rose blush.

  5. Yikes, I had no idea the blushes were that glittery. Thanks for the swatches - I am so glad I didn't order any of these.

    I do love my Glazed lips and Ellis Red milky lips though. L201 is one of my all-time favourite reds.

  6. I have one eyeshadow E305 that I hate and can never use, it is a total crap and four lipsticks : L101, L104, L105 and L203. I love L104, like L101 and don't care for the other two as they are too brownish on me. I consider buying L102. Do you think L102 is similar to YSL glossy stain in 01 violet edition ? Thank you

  7. GlamourGirl: thanks for stopping by, lovely :) This brand is so sleek, you would like it.

    Jamilla: we have the glazed lips in common! So summery both of those!

    TPE: I hope they're helpful :) It's a brand that offers something different for a change, worth tracking down imo.

    Zuzu: oh gosh I made these at my counter! I 'only' have L303, 306 and 307 and the concealer left (although I finished a 201 once!)

    Bastet: Based on reivews, the blushes seem to be subtle on everyone else, but on my skin (which I suppose must be like paper) they are DISCOBALL.

    Anon: I've had problems with all the e/s I've tried as well -- either the colours were really unflatteringly warm, or the mechanism failed...
    I think YSL 01 would be somewhere between 102 and 104.