Thursday, 2 February 2012


Those of a sensitive disposition should probably look away now.

I wonder what these holes do?

Repeat seven times....

Left to Right (all are from the permanent Blend Colour Eyeshadow quad range):
01 Kakitsubata
02 Kokedama
07 Komorebi

(And yeah, I picked my klassiest Z-palette.)

Worry not, the whole process took less than five minutes and no heat, and these can be repotted at any time:

But it IS cool to see at a glance the differences between the base shades, or the various purples.

Now to work out what to do with the five older quads, with their peskily uneven pan sizes...
(Blend quad 10 Sakuragi, discontinued)


  1. Oh Kate! I hope you can remember which shades belong togethe, once you decide to have them back in their original compact. :p

  2. *whispers* blush duos to round them out?

  3. Seeing all that Suqqu together is rather sexy! I can feel a hot flush coming over me...


  4. I want to cry. it's so beautiful, (get them in a black z palette soons lol) love your work lol.
    they must not be glued in very hard if you can just use a pin to pop them out from behind.


  5. Doesn't it feel fantastic to do that? I hate having all the teeny tiny pallettes and you can find that little pinhole that makes life so much easier in all japanese cosmetics! Such practical people! It looks beautiful!

  6. man, all the nekkie lil depots... that's a thing of beauty. :D

  7. I quite like them arranged like that. I also like how you've arranged them numerically :D

  8. GASP! Beautiful.

    What do you do with the applicators when you depot? The Suqqu ones were teeny, but not so bad, right?

  9. hehehe, if the manifactor hasn't combined it right, just do it yourself...! ♥ your sense of humor

  10. As a fellow depotter, I applaud you! The look so beautiful lined up. Would you be able to do a post on Kakitsubata 01 and Matsukasa 03(similar to your other posts where you layered colors for different combinations)? Many thanks!

  11. Dain: U R GENIOUS. Expect an update shortly :D

    Jane: the two-sided brushes (which are excellent quality) go into a special box. The sponges go into my swatching 'kit' :)

    Julia: next week, sun and schedule allowing :)

  12. I have broken out of lurker-dom to comment. I love the cheeky attitude. :) Good for you for doing what *you* want! Personally, I don't know if I would depot the Suqqu eyeshadows, but I think that's largely because I have never ever swatched one or seen one in person. It still holds an unattainable allure for me.

    I think you're plain awesome.