Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pattern Recognition

Nah, not another knitting post, but I wanted to make public the embarrassment I felt upon recently reorganising my makeup collection and discovering just how many versions of the same damn thing I possessed.

Obviously, having devoted a sizeable chunk of my frivolities budget to makeup for over a decade, it wasn't exactly a smelling-salts-required! level of shock, but I'm sure I'm not the first or only beauty lover to wonder where the line sits between "knowing your own tastes" (as I'm assured all the reeeeeally stylish folk must) and turning into Consumerist Drone Mark II No.23756920?

In hopes of some recouped cash if not an answer, I'll be uploading a spring blogsale tomorrow (with some clothes and accessories too). In the meantime, some patterns for posterity:

Sonia Rykiel Quatre Eyeshadow 09, Suqqu 01 Kakitsubata, Suqqu EX-04 Douku (LE), Lunasol 04 Smoky Ocean, THREE 02 My Blue Heaven, Esprique Blend Dimensional Deep B-5

Chanel Stupendous (LE), Guerlain 409 Ombres Perlées (LE), EST Emotional Aura Eyes 03 (DC), Suqqu EX-05 Usumomokurumi (LE), Suqqu 11 Himesango

Cosme Decorte Magie Deco DC024 Luminous Star, Suqqu 09 Koju (DC), Suqqu 04 Keshizumi, Coffret D'Or Trance Deep Eyes 04 Gray Variation (DC), Integrate Accent Eyes VI 710

Now I'm no minimalist, and I particularly enjoy premade palettes because they tell stories in ways that single items don't. In practical terms, on rushed mornings I find quads in particular easier to throw on than single eyeshadows (which I usually find need pairing with a liner -- but which liner? and WHERE HAVE ALL THE LINERS GONE?! etc.), and they also make the best travelling companions. Felt I had to point that out. But honestly the wankier reasons are the more important, especially when combinations of texture, finish and all the spiralling distinctions of nuance come into play...

....I have no excuse for my bad buying habits when it comes to single items. A maybe-explanation though: I'm more tactile than visual, and so picky about texture that once I do find one I like, critical faculties aren't tossed aside lightly but thrown with great force.

Guerlain KissKiss Gloss Stick (DC) in Rose des Sables and Corail des Mers
Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge in RS-1 and RD-1
Guerain Rouge Automatique in Chamade and Nahema
Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco and Muse

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in PK417 Bubblegum and RD514 Dragon; Tender Sheer in RS628 Natural Wine
Guerlain Rouge G in Girly, Garçonne and Gigolo
Addiction Cheek Stick in Amazing, Revenge and Suspicious
Sonia Rykiel Sublime in 03, 02 and 24

Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Moist Glow in Tansoleil, Pravella and not-Patrice
Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Liberté, Confidence and Fatale
Nars Velvet Gloss Pencil in Happy Days and Frivolous; Velvet Matte Pencil in Pop Life
Becca Beach Tint in Guava, Watermelon and Strawberry
RMSBeauty lip2cheek in Smile, Modest and Rapture
Becca Lip and Cheek Cream in Petal; Cream Blush in Amaryllis and Geranium


  1. I'm absolutely positive that most beauty lovers find they have many similar items in their stash - we just seem to gravitate towards the same thing.

    I know I do (but then I have a problem and CAN'T. STOP. BUYING. SHINY. NEW. THINGS! But you've seen half of my greens collection - so you know I'm crazy lol.

    It's mad but I can see different tones and nuances in every single item I own.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I gravitate towards the same colours/textures to a ridiculous point. It's crazy but even when there's subtle differences, I'll still subconsciously pick a colour that is almost one I already have. Is it a familiarity bias? I don't know any more!

  3. I love the pattern in the last picture. Thank you for satisfying my need for symmetry!

  4. Haha, I do buy the same thing (sheer red gloss, coral lipstick) over and over again but my stash is no where as pretty as yours.

    PS. Lol at the "I will not buy Patrice".

  5. Oh wow, that is a marvelous stash you have there. If I were to take out my blush collection, it would be made up of peaches, we tend to pick things we like.

  6. Beautiful photos :D I usually try very hard to buy different colors, but I think everyone has a soft spot for a particular shade (for me, royal blue nail polish and red lipstick) that they just...accumulate in several forms. Ah, well.

  7. I do the same thing, I'll try to convince myself that they look a little bit different once applied.. ;) You have some lovely things there x

  8. That game would work for me too (browns, golds, bronzes and on another side, blues would be the heroes), excepted that if I played, I'd have to recognize how many dupes I own and I'm not sure I want to know that :)

  9. That last one made me laugh. It makes an awfully pretty, picture, though.

  10. I tell myself that since I can't afford to buy makeup often ...
    (and seem to have expensive taste, and so buy infrequently but at high quality with little regard to price to supplement my already-more-than-sufficient collection)...
    that this means I am more careful about my purchases and work harder to fill gaps in my collection etc. and not buy similar products.

    But I'd be afraid to actually lay it all out on a table and, for example, address something horrifying like "how many brown eyeshadows do I actually have" or even something less ridiculous like "how many MLBBs have I got in here anyhow?"

    So good for you, and I might have to keep my eyes peeled for this blog sale you mention ;)

  11. I do have similar colours in my collection but try to figure out what I use the most and then - this one I'll keep. but I do regret it sometimes and realize that I miss them and buy it again, lol. love the last pic :)

  12. Ha! I do the same thing. I have so many rose lip things it's ridiculous. And lots of pink-based eyeshadows and tons of greys. Oh, well. I likes what I likes.

  13. This is priceless! Not only do you buy the same shades over and over but if you find a formula you like you buy several colours but always the same variation of shades! I think I am lucky enough to be the opposite. I am always striving to buy something different. I don't like to have dupes and I always try to branch out with new purchases. ( I should practise this same exercise thought because maybe I'm not as effective at it as I think!)

  14. wow, your little color collection is amazing. loved looking at the pictures and figuring out what the products were!