Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge Swatches

This is a do-over of one of my first swatch posts, with far better pictures (in natural light and with my posh camera). I prioritised these because they are still my favourite drugstore lipsticks of all time, and are far superior to most high-end lipsticks out there too.

DM Rouge are surprisingly pigmented (medium+) while being absolutely weightless on the lips, and are a sheeny cream finish -- the perfect middle ground between glossy and matte. There is micro-glitter visible in the tube, but on the lips it's less visible than that in Chantecaille Lip Chics, so tolerable even for a shimmerphobe like me.
Despite being less glossy than Dior Addicts, these are far more moisturising -- my extremely dry lips do not need a balm with these, and that's not something I can say of any other drugstore lipstick. They also apply with the perfect amount of slip: so smoothly that you don't need a lipbrush or mirror, without being a liquefying texture like Chanel Rouge Coco Shine or Cle de Peau Extra Silky (both of which I find too messy and short-lived).

12 permanent shades
HK$90 for 2.5g, packaging is your standard twist-up bullet, with a very girly Lavshuca twist. (The plastic cakedish thing at the top may look fragile but I've been throwing these lipsticks around for years and have never had a breakage yet.)

natural light
lipstick swatch Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge PK-1 PK-2 PK-3 PK-3 RS-1 RD-1 RD-2 RD-3 OR-1 BR-1 BE-1 BE-2

full sun
lipstick swatch Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge PK-1 PK-2 PK-3 PK-3 RS-1 RD-1 RD-2 RD-3 OR-1 BR-1 BE-1 BE-2

paper, natural light
lipstick swatch Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge PK-1 PK-2 PK-3 PK-3 RS-1 RD-1 RD-2 RD-3 OR-1 BR-1 BE-1 BE-2

paper, angled -- to show creaminess of texture only; NOT colour-accurate
lipstick swatch Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge PK-1 PK-2 PK-3 PK-3 RS-1 RD-1 RD-2 RD-3 OR-1 BR-1 BE-1 BE-2

Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge
PK-1  bright yellow-based medium pink
PK-2  warm peachy pink
PK-3  clearer peachy pink with more beige than PK-2
PK-4  soft yellow-based beige with a hint of pink
RS-1  cool mauve rose
RD-1  neutral clear, bright watermelon
RD-2  warm browned rosy red
RD-3  deeper browned rose (sheerer than the others)
OR-1  bright pastel coral
BR-1 neutral brown with hints of plum and red
BE-1 beige with yellow and grey base
BE-2 peachy-pink nude


  1. I have three of these and love them so much!! Now I need more.. :D

  2. I've never tried these before. Which one to start with...

  3. your angled papaer swatches make me want a creamy cupcake NAO *noms*, I still have to get RD-1, the colour looks beautiful here!

  4. Gosh, you're the queen of swatches (over Karlasugar, imo) and with that brand posh camera even more.

    This type is quite pigmented for a Japanese Drugstore brand, isn't it (not calling out posher Addiction but the other Lavshuca's, Kate, etc)

  5. Thanks for the swatches! I only have one Lavshuca lippie (Moist Melting Rouge) and sadly it seems to be too brown on me (it was meant to be a bright orange:(), but I'm waiting for another one from this series. AND you are making me want to try all the formulas!

  6. Odyssey: you do! I read on rougedeluxe that Lavshuca are being revamped soon so I guess we need to start hoarding manoevres :(

    kuri: RD-1 would be my pick for universally flattering (ish), it's a stunner.

    Claire: I missed your transition from mad muffin mode to made cupcake mode! lol

    Birkie: you are too kind! I would never swatch something Karla has already done -- that would make obvious how much better she is ;P This is one of the most pigmented Japanese ds formulas I've tried (the newish KATE ones are good too)

    Laitae: Japanese brands have far too many browny tones I agree :/ This formula isn't quite as wet/lush/slippy as the click pens but I find the pigmentation and weartime far superior (and they are plenty moisturising!)

  7. thank you for the swatches! clearly I need to pick these up when I am in Taiwan.

    which Kate lipsticks are you referring to? I have lost track on Kate... :P

  8. Oh, Plue! Did you blink and miss them? lol

    I'm thinking of the Rouge High Glam ones:

  9. oops! went blind for a while there :P, but thank you for the link! i never really tried anything from Kate's lip range but I guess I should!

  10. I have Dramatic Memory Rouge in PK3 and I'm really impressed with the formula and the texture so I'm thinking of buying another color. Is PK4 too similar too PK3? Thanks a lot. Do you know if Dramatic Memory Rouge is different from Moist Melting in terms of texture? I love Lavshuca's lipsticks a lot but I have to order it on the internet. :( Sadly, it's not available in where I live.

  11. Thought I'd pop my head in and say THANK YOU for informing me of the existence of these glorious things. I suspect going back to Western lippies will be impossible...