Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Red Blush Swatches

As revealed in a previous post, or two, my very favourite makeup colour is red.

Pictures taken in natural light, on a rarely brightish London summer's day.

swatches made with sponge applicators
red powder blush swatches Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita, Orpheline, Shu Uemura P Red 14, Addiction Revenge, Dolce&Gabbanna Sole, Kevyn Aucoin Fira, Beauty Is Life Palace, Opera, Sleek Flushed
1. Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita
2. Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline
3. Shu Uemura P Red 14 (discontinued; closest in current range P Medium Red 175)
4. Addiction Revenge
5. Dolce&Gabbanna Sole
6. Kevyn Aucoin Fira*
7. Beauty Is Life Palace*
8. Beauty Is Life Opera*
9. Sleek Flushed

Liquids, Creams etc.
fingertip swatches
red blush swatches Hourglass Flush cheek stain, Addiction Revenge cheekstick, Chicca 10 Girly Blush flush blush, Besame Crimson creme rouge, Rouge Bunny Rouge Rubens blush wand, Beauté Fever liquid-gel stain, RMS Beauty Rapture lip2cheek, Illamasqua Crush cream blush
1. Hourglass Flush cheek stain*
2. Addiction Revenge cheekstick
3. Chicca 10 Girly Blush flush blush
4. Besame Crimson creme rouge
5. Rouge Bunny Rouge Rubens blush wand*
6. Beauté Fever liquid-gel stain*
7. RMS Beauty Rapture lip2cheek
8. Illamasqua Crush cream blush

*starred items are ones that I have already bid farewell to or will be looking to rehouse shortly -- look out for Blog Sale Part 2 next Monday.


  1. What don't you like about the Beauty is Life blushes? Palace and Opera are both on my wishlist - should I reconsider? Or buy them from you? :)

  2. I have RMS Rapture (I wanted Modest, but Spirit Beauty Lounge has been perpetually sold out), and I have to be really careful with it. It turns out to be *exactly* the color I sunburn. So, very "natural" on me, but easy to overdo.

  3. Great swatches as usual Kate, I like Orpheline and Revenge, they look gorgeous. I have not dared to try red blushes because they would probably emphasize my acne scars on my cheeks but I bet they look lovely on your skin.

  4. Why have I not got Sleek Flushed?! This must be rectified.

  5. Wow, D&G Sole looks a lot like Addiction Revenge. Great swatches!

  6. First of all, I have to say THANK YOU for these blush swatches. I adore red blushes, but they're so few and far between that sometimes you have to get something online without seeing it in person first.

    I seem to collect them when I see them, or store them on a list for future. You have many pretty reds I haven't seen before *ponderingfutureacquisitions* and all swatched together! \\^-^//

    I love the look of red blusher and it's a universal shade if ever there was one *ahemahemNARS-Oahem*

    Everyone blushes red, it's just the natural tones of their skin that dictates whether it is an orangey-red or a pinky-red and all the other reds inbetween. There need to be more reds out there. It doesn't matter if you're pale or dark-skinned, it looks great on everyone!

    To anyone who's afraid of using red blush, use a fan brush or duo fibre brush and blend, blend, blend! No problems that way. I'm pale enough that I don't have a foundation shade in most brands and I can wear it fine. In the autumn and winter, a Snow White look with red blush and eyes softly, softly defined is so simple and pretty.

    Oh what a long post on red blush! I could say more, I could give you a list of a few that I don't see on here, but I'll stop now.


  7. I think the only red(ish) blushes I have are NARS Exhibit A and Dolce Vita. This post has given me so many new lemmings. Illamasqua Crush looks amazing, I can't believe I've never noticed it before.

  8. Love this post Kate! I ADORE red blushers!!

  9. I am smitten with red blushes!

  10. You are brilliant! You have just reminded me to pack NARS Exhibit A for Tokyo!! Thanks xxxx